Go on a journey into the world of aviation with two fun and informative airline Captains! Each episode, Captain Joe and Captain Laura will fly you in their jet to a new destination, discovering the many amazing ways aviation touches our lives. Segments will open with a discussion of the local area and all that it has to offer for travelers and adventure seekers. 

Each week they profile an exciting aviation topic with interviews of aviation professionals and their incredible careers! Engaging footage of the operations is part of the show so viewers can watch the thrills play out. Episodes will include Fire Bombers, Hurricane Hunters, Military Flying, Experimental Aircraft, Air Traffic Control, Corporate Flying, Aerobatic Airshow Performers, Space Flight, and so much more! 

Get a behind the scenes look at the aviators, the aircraft, and the professionals that keep them flying.  At each location, a local school will participate as part of their STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Each episode will wrap up with a summary of the featured aircraft, links to related career information, and a teaser for the next episode of Adventures in Aviation!  The show will promote aviation careers while also providing riveting entertainment for television viewers.