Joe is presently a partner/owner of Advanced Aviation Training and a Cessna Citation pilot for Reno Flying Service. He is also the director of the Aerospace Learning Xperience (ALEX), a non-profit organization that promotes aviation careers to children.  Captain Rajacic was a Commercial Airline Pilot for United Airlines for 37 years, retiring as a 747-400 Captain.  He has flown a multitude of aircraft, including the J-3 Cub, Learjet, Citation, DC-10, 727, 737, and 747-400 with over 23,000 hours of flight time. 


He is rated as a certified flight instructor, flight engineer (jet), aircraft simulator instructor, and an airframe & power plant mechanic.  He was a NASA special projects/simulator/research pilot on projects such as the Boeing Super Sonic Transport (SST) prototype and Future Flight Navigation Program.  Joe also served as a corporate pilot, production test pilot, and design engineer.

At United Airlines, Joe was awarded First Officer of the Year in 2008.  He was also distinguished as one of the Top 100 Employees at United for his work as a Boeing 747 Subject Matter Expert while serving at the United Pilot Training Center.  He is also a member / instructor of the American Society of Aerospace Pilots, where his instructional expertise includes Space Flight Studies, Orbital Mechanics, Space Navigation, and Space Shuttle Systems.  He holds a BS degree in Aviation Management, with Honors.  Joe resides with his family in Reno, NV.

Laura is presently a Commercial Airline Captain, currently flying the 737 for a major U.S. Carrier.  She is also an author, guest speaker, and aviation consultant to television, radio, podcasts, and social media.  Her media consulting credentials include CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post,  USA Today, and The Jet Set Travel Talk Show.  She also hosts her own Blog,, where she post numerous aviation interest articles, pictures, and videos.  She is qualified on the Boeing 767, 757, 737, Airbus A320, Lockheed L-188 (civilian P-3), and Convair 580.  Her experience includes passenger, cargo, and military contract flying.  She is also qualified on various twin and multi-engine aircraft, including aerobatic airframes.  She is a Certified Commercial Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Instructor, and Commercial Flight Instrument Instructor.


Captain Laura is an avid promoter of women in aviation.  She was previously awarded Pilot of the Year and a scholarship by the Ninety-Nines International Woman Pilot’s Association.  She is also a passionate promoter of children’s interest in the field of aviation.  She has been a guest speaker for several youth interest groups, including ALEX (Aerospace Learning Xperience).   Laura is also an ethusiastic supporter of the airshow community and previously served as a Director of Operations for Wanda Collins Airshows, Inc.  She holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Science, and resides with her family in Los Angeles, CA.